Get your business finances in shape

Running your business is not only about doing what you love. Your success depends as much on the foundations of your business as it does on your passion and expertise. We can help you understand your current financial position and requirements in relation to your future plans. Managing payments, making financial forecasts or planning your budgets can be crucial to your plans for growing your business.

Business finance

It can be hard to get a business loan, considering the current economic climate, and especially if your business isn’t at least two years old. However, it isn’t impossible. With a clever business plan, a well-structured loan application and all the supporting documentation, you’ll find it’s much easier to succeed.

At Business Tax & Money House, we’ve had plenty of experience in preparing successful applications (both low doc and standard) and we can ensure that your business structure is such that it will be attractive to a lender.

Financial plan sanity check

Have you ever thought, “Is it just me?” after you’ve been to visit a financial planner or adviser? Well, you can take comfort in the fact that, according to a survey (released March 2012) by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on retirement financial advice, you’re not alone.

The ASIC survey found that the majority of plans were inadequate, with only two meeting the criteria for ‘good-quality advice’. Think about it; commissions from financial institutions are far greater than the price of the plan, so there is a temptation for some financial planners to shift their focus to ‘sale’ rather than ‘advice’. Backing up this research is a shock statement by the former director of one of the world’s greatest merchant banks. Greg Smith tells why he is leaving; he alleges that the culture of Goldman Sachs became all about selling to the clients and not how the bank could help them.

At Business Tax & Money House, we offer you a second opinion; call it a ‘sanity check’. We can review your plan and discuss its means, risks and your commitments with you. We aren’t Financial Planners ourselves and won’t try to offer you an alternative plan, sell you any products or seek referral fees in relation to the advice we provide. Simply, we’ll educate you and demystify the plan that was prepared for you so you can make a more informed decision about your future.

Home loan help

Not sure if you can get a home loan? With our experience, you could be closer to success than you think. We do more than just help you get you a home loan*, though. When your application goes in, the loan you apply for should reflect your future goals. Whether you decide to live in the property, rent it, or want to have your loan structured for the eventual sale and possible Capital Gains Tax, we’ll take that into consideration. Having the right loan from the start could save you thousands of dollars in future tax liabilities. We’ve had experience in both low-doc and regular loans* so consult with us before you go any further.

Personalised service

We at Business Tax & Money House know that everyone’s circumstances are different so we take the time to listen to you and learn all about you. We’ve found that’s the most effective way of assessing your situation so we can advise you on the loan that will be best for you.

* NOTE: Business Tax & Money House is not a lender or a broker. However, we can help you to prepare all the required documents for your preferred lender.
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