There are a lot of ways you can invest your money, and each way is ruled by various factors. We are still constructing this website so please contact us with your investment needs and we will provide you with a list of necessary documents. Most common investments in Australia include:

  • rental properties
  • shares
  • Term Deposits
  • Managed Funds

Business Tax & Money House also provides services of:

  • revew of investments from taxation point of view
  • advice on taxation issues and advantages of new investments
  • creating a tax-effective structure for your investments, with asset protection features

As all investment income is subject to Income Tax (or Capital Gains Tax), you must declare all your income or gains from investments:

  • information about rental income and expenses, interest paid, depreciation
  • dividend statements from shares
  • purchase cost of shares or other assets you sold, date of purchase and date & amount received on sale
  • Tax Statements from Managed Funds
  • bank interest from term deposits and other interest-bearing accounts
  • other monies received from investment sources. Please call us if you have any questions