Investing in Australia

Australia has proven to have one of the strongest economies in the World. With strong exports and free-trade agreements, it provides great opportunities for business. It also has strong legal system providing security and clear regulations for business, as well as freedom of capital movement.
Opening a branch of your business in Australia can be easy and profitable, but you must know what you do and have the right persons to assist you. Business Tax & Money House specialize in Australian and International Taxation, and we are the best partner in establishing your business in Australia.

We specialize in Small Business and provide quality and cost-effective service.
BTMH can help you in all steps you need to take in establishing your presence in Australia, we will also help maximizing your benefits from this venture. We can also work with you online or over the phone.

Adopting business structure
Australia offers a variety of business structures. All structures have different features, so it must be tailored to suit your needs. Structure you will adopt will have impact on:

  • Costs of Compliance
  • Taxation implications
  • Asset protection & exposure
  • Legal & Beneficial ownership of assets
  • Structuring internal financing

Australian taxation system provides a variety of profit-stripping provisions, such as thin capitalization, debt/equity rules and other means to prevent taxation avoidance. Your financing structure should consider these rules to maximize your global after-tax profits.

Accounting, compliance & reporting

Business Tax & Money House provides accounting services to many Australian and International businesses. We can provide comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting and reporting services, tailored to suit your Parent Company needs. We can also organize and support an independent Auditor to provide assurance for the Accounts.

Taxation affairs

Working together with your internal tax specialists, we can structure your transactions and other affairs to provide best taxation outcome from the global perspective. With us, your business will always comply with Australian taxation laws.


Mr Tomasz Murmylo is a Director of many Australian branches of overseas businesses. It is a requirement in Australian Corporations Law, that at least one of the Directors must “ordinarily reside” in Australia.

Mr Tomasz Murmylo is the owner of Business Tax & Money House and has earned the trust of Australian Government to become the Tax Agent and Justice of the Peace. Many businesses have trusted him their business Directorship in Australia. Mr Murmylo is also a Tax Specialist in Australian and International Taxation. Mr Murmylo holds Professional Indemnity insurance covering all his directorships.

Invest in Australia!