Medicare Levy is the compulsory health insurance that is payable by all residents for tax purposes (which is different to regular residency), unless such taxpayer holds the Exemption Certificate To avoid paying the levy (which may be even $500 or more), you will need to have the Medicare Levy Exemption Certificate, issued by Medicare Australia.
We can help you in applying for the Certificate, all you need to do is visit our office with your passport (or all passports that you used in entering Australia, indlucing expired passports), and copies of all Australian Visa confirmations, if they were issued electronically.

You may not need to apply for the Certificate, if your income in the Financial Year was $17,500 or less.

You need to apply for the certificate for each year separately. Passport holders of certain countries, that have a health cover agreement with Australia, must pay Medicare, so there is no point in applying.

To apply for the certificate, you need to fill in the form and provide certified copies of your passport pages:
– photo page
– all Australian visas
– all Australian entry and departure stamps
You can make and certify the photocopies at our office. We can also help you prepare the form, and help you with other Taxation matters on the spot.

You can put the postal address of our office to ensure it arrives quickly. It may take up to 4 weeks for this application to be processed and certificate issued.

If you are registered for our Mail Manager service, we may already have asked you to provide us with your details so we can lodge your application.