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eBay threatens to block Australian shoppers over GST

eBay says it will likely block Australian shoppers from buying goods from overseas if the government pushes ahead with plans to apply GST on all goods sold through the online marketplace.

Goods bought from overseas sellers and imported to Australia worth less than $1000 are currently GST exempt, but Treasurer Scott Morrison wants to apply the 10 per cent tax to all sales from July 1 this year.

ALL goods imported into Australia are subject to Customs duty and GST.

Sometimes that duty is NIL and sometimes it is waived or reduced by specific concessions or depending on the circumstances. All this is written into very complex Customs legislation. Officers are bound by the law, as are importers.

It comes as Australians selling and exporting the majority of their products through eBay and other online platforms claim their livelihoods may be crippled by other foreign countries who could implement retaliatory additional taxes on imports.