BTMH is a finalist in the Brightest & Best Business Awards!

Business Tax and Money House has succeeded in the first round of judging and has been selected as one of the 2015 Brightest & Best Business Awards Finalists. We’ll keep you posted as we receive any further news!

Beware Phone Scams !

Phone scams are the number one type of scam in Australia. Scammers can impersonate ATO employees to obtain personal information for financial gain from you. Generally, phone scams demand payment for an unexpected debt or offer an unexpected refund or grant. It is important you are aware that scammers try to collect personal information to […]

Farewell your home loan faster

At Business Tax & Money House we encourage a select number of professionals to work with us to provide an extended network of services to our clients. This article is brought to you by Amanda Barros who specialises in mortgage services. After the initial excitement of purchasing property has worn off it can be easy […]

Smart Tax Planning Tips

At tax time businesses look for ways to save money and maximise deductions. If you start planning now for the 2015/16 tax year you will be way ahead this time next year. There are hundreds of tax deductions and credits that you may be able to claim to get your maximum refund. It all depends […]

10 Useful Tips for Small Business

1. Have at least one separate business bank account and keep your business records apart from your personal records.
 2. Reconcile your bank account on a monthly basis. Ask us.
 3. Plan for your tax obligations. Put money aside in a separate bank account that earns interest and is available when you need to pay […]

Tax Season & Happy New Financial Year!

Happy New Financial Year! It’s the New Financial Year and time to consider tax and money. Business Tax & Money House can help with your personal tax as well as any business matters that need attention. The Best Way to Do Your Tax Return Visit our office and we will prepare your Tax Return on […]