Do you think about the end of Financial Year? We do! All year! We work with our partners and prepared some tax-effective products that can save you on tax this year! There is still time to act – do you want to save on tax? All below products are only outline of possibilities that are ahead of you. They do not consider your personal circumstances and you should always consider if the product is right for you, and speak to one of our qualified consultants before you consider entering into any arrangements. Borrow to invest & claim interest prepayments
Start building your wealth smart — leverage & enjoy a tax refund! Number of ASX & international investments with industry-leading bank! Forestry investments
Deduct the whole amount of investment upfront—you can finance this investment as well! Salary-sacrifice your Super
Only if you’re sure you will not need this money until you retire. Super savings enjoy tax concessions. You may also take control of your Super by opening a Self-managed Super Fund Borrow to donate! Brilliant new charity!
Get an interest-free loan financed by the vendor and repay even in 50 years! The donation is deductible in full! Repayments are lower than interest earned from tax saved on this donation. Save on your accounting fees:
Tell your friends about us and our services. Your reference will earn you and your friend a discount on your tax return bills! Macquarie Cash Management Account
Transaction account without fees and paying you interest. For individuals, businesses and Superfunds Income Protection Insurance
Protect your future — premium is deductible Check out what else you can claim!
Do not buy anything for the sole purpose of getting a tax deduction — your tax refund will only be a fraction of the money spent! Remember to talk to us before you buy a property or other investment — we can plan the move to enhance your tax position! Join us on Facebook & get the latest tips! Talk to us before 30 June and you may save a lot of tax! Whether you are in business, employed or investing, we have some tips that will save you on your tax bill.