Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney is your authority given to us to represent you in all your taxation and superannuation matters when you are in Australia and after you leave. This will ensure we have the power to act on your behalf and enforce all your legal rights in getting your money back. We are bound by Powers of Attorney Act 2003 to act in your best interest.

We need the original of Power of Attorney, with signature of yours, witnessed by someone else. Please prepare two copies, as some institutions will require an original to be sent to them, and the other must stay with us. You can either post it to us or visit our office with your passport and we can do everything in 5 minutes.

Please also prepare and post two copies of the photo page of your passport:
– one of the copies must be certified by a Justice of the Peace
– the other copy must not be certified, or this can be a scan of the page instead

Click here to get the Power of Attorney form

Mr Tomasz Murmylo – the person you are giving the power personally to – is the owner of this business, he is also a Justice of the Peace and Registered Tax Agent. These titles and registrations are only given to the persons that are commonly trusted and have good fame and character. Mr Tomasz Murmylo is an International and Australian Taxation Specialist and many big businesses trust him in their sensitive matters.

You don’t need to give us this authority, but if we will not have it, we will require your signature on every document we produce for you. Sending these documents back and forth will cause delays and will require your work and availability at all times.