What is a Tax Return?

Tax Return is the annual report on Income that needs to be filed with the ATO. Lodging your Tax Return is the only way to receive the refund.

Prepare your Tax Return with us

You need to prepare your Tax Return separately for each Financial Year. The Financial Year in Australia begins on 1st of July and ends on 30th of June, so if you are in Australia for one calendar year, you need to lodge two returns: from your arrival to 30 June and from 1 July to your departure.

We can do it all via internet so you don’t need to visit us to get our professional help. You may also register with us for our Secure Mail service, so all your taxation data comes straight to us and you don’t need to keep the track of all this important information.

Preparation of a Tax Return can be a difficult task if you do not know relevant taxation laws and rules. You may also miss out on some advantageous deduction that could result in higher refund.

Millions of Australians are using help of Tax Agents in preparation of their annual Tax Return, with the main reason being a higher refund they receive. The second reason is not completely understanding the laws (Australian Income Taxation Acts have around 9.5 million words).

Our assistance in lodging the Tax Return is a great help for a small fee.

Please remember that your Tax Return needs to be prepared from documents that you gather throughout the year. You can use our Mail Manager service to keep all your important documents in one secure place.

All necessary checklists and help to maximize your Refund and prepare your returns as quickly and easily as possible. Good Tax Return is too complicated and personal to have it prepared in one standard form.

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