Tax Returns

How to prepare for your tax return

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Tax Returns

Business Tax & Money House is specialising in Australian and International Taxation. Our services for International Clients include preparation of Tax Returns, and having our Clients all around the world, we became very efficient working over the internet, but our office at Bondi Junction is open for your visits.

The best way to do your Tax Return is still visiting our office and we will prepare the Return on the spot, answering your questions and making sure we did not miss on any deductions.

Our basic fee for preparation of Tax Returns and getting your Tax Back is $110 and if there are no complexities, this is the price we charge. If your Return involves additional factors (e.g. rental properties, complex deductions, investments) and more work is required to ensure you are getting as much as you should, additional fees may apply.

We are fast, efficient and professional. When you will do your Tax Return with us, we will check on any possible deduction and make sure your Refund is maximized. We treat all our clients with the same care and respect, and our online clients enjoy the freedom of having the best service in the world at a click of the button.

Please read all below checklist titles below as more than one may relate to you.

  • Your personal info – starting point compulsory for everyone
  • Power of Attorney – authorising us work for you
  • Medicare exemption certificate – for Travellers
  • Employment income and deductions
  • Business income and deductions
  • Investment income in Australia
  • Checklist for early lodgment (Final Tax Return – leaving Australia)
  • Hints on getting a bigger refund

Please send the checklists to us, you may print them and complete manually, or copy them to your e-mail or open them in a word processor, edit and send to us.


How to prepare your documents

You do not need to show us your receipts and tax invoices for the income and expenses you claim. We will require to see only income information where there was tax taken (withheld) from your payments. These include:

  • Group Certificates (PAYG Payment Summaries)
  • Bank statement showing Tax Withholding, if greater than zero
  • Voluntary Withholding statements from your contractor employers
  • Dividend statements showing Franking Credits
  • All tax statements provided by investment bodies
  • Investment income statements showing tax amounts
  • Any other documents showing TFN Withholding or Tax Withholding

The above checklists do not form any advice and should not be relied on entirely, but used as a helping tool in preparation of documents for your Tax Return. We prepare all Tax Returns on a personal basis and we will review your personal situation before we will prepare and lodge your return. This will ensure compliance with all Australian Taxation laws and regulations.

Please also read our record keeping and eligibility information for better compliance with the law

Thomas Murmylo

Thomas Murmylo

Thomas is the Principal Tax Agent at BTMH. Unlike most in the accounting industry, Thomas takes a different approach when it comes to the management of his clients’ taxation and accounting needs. Thomas has helped local and international businesses to grow and prosper for more than 30 years.

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